Who is Karis?


We celebrate the songs that have so blessed the Catholic community of believers. This familiar
music finds new interpretation here. Our prayer is that in experiencing this music, whether for
the first time or the hundredth, God's grace may become more real for you.

"Karis" (kah-ris) is a derivation of the Greek word for grace.

Rick Dellefield: Keyboards, Musical Arrangements
My journey from long-haired rocker to Catholic Music Director has culminated in the eclectic
arrangements found in this collection. Through my music and this project, the Lord has given me
a deeper expression of my faith.

Robert DeCarlo: Lead and Backing Vocals
I'm a full-time church musician, currently singing in three churches, a Jewish temple and a
twelve-voice vocal ensemble based in Los Angeles called Zephyr. When I sing I feel God's
pleasure. May you feel His presence as you listen.

Heidi French: Lead and Backing Vocals
I've been singing since before I could talk. A convert to Catholicism, I am a Lutheran Pastor's
daughter with a passion for ecumenism and dialogue among believers.

Michelle Grubert: Lead and Backing Vocals
I have always found happiness in making music... as a cantor, as a teacher, as a performer and
as a songwriter. In music the Lord reaches me, holds me, opens me, converts me. Blessed be the
God of music!


Note: This copy is courtesy of Holy Ghost Records and is copyrighted on their website at:
www. holyghostrecords.com. Permission for use granted by Executivbe Producer: T. Gardiner.