Using Your Computer to Help You Pray


I was paging through today's parish bulletin and I found a interesting tip from our pastor on a popular website that helps you pray.

It's called Sacred Space ( It's run by the Irish Jesuits. Each day, in 22 separate languages,

Sacred Space provides a ten minute experience that involves Scripture, prayers and memorable subjects for meditation.


As my pastor, Monsignor Urell, points out, "it provides something (distinct) to think and pray about each week.

Today's reflection is an example:


"Saint Ignatius, whose feast falls on 31 July, spoke of God dwelling and at work in all creatures, in all plant and animal life, and in us.

The God of Ignatian spirituality is the God who "acts in the manner of one who is working".

In a church in Germany there is a life-size crucifix, ordinary except for the fact that - a casualty of war - the body of Jesus has no arms.

The parishioners decided to leave the crucifix in that truncated state as a reminder to onlookers that they are to become Christ's arms.

God works through us."


There are also postings for "prayers in a recession" and "for those in financial crisis".


We use our computers to catch up on the news, pay our bills, and keep up with personal relationships.

Why not use them to enrich our prayer lives and keep up our relationship with God?

Most of us are online for an hour or more each day anyway. Why not devote ten minutes to devotion.


For those of us Catholics that like the sound and feeling of Christian Rock, did you know there is a Catholic version of that music genre online?

You can find it at (Pop rock music with a message of Catholicism.)

You can tune it in and play it with you're running through all your other necessary computer gyrations.

You'll find Omega Rock good background as well as good company.

Music comes from all artists all over the world. You won't be sacrificing contemporary sound for religious message.

(For Catholic teens, it provides great lyrical comfort for your parents.)


Sacred Space and Omega Rock. Who says you can't use your personal computer to enhance your connection to your God?


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