RE: We need your business to keep on helping

Dear Catholic Retailer,

Relax. This is not one of those pleas for donations you get every other week from some organization 
by "e" or "snail" mail. Though it is a plea for consideration that is vitally important for the continued funding of our apostolate.
We, at Good Catholic Information,  desperately need your continued book orders to keep our information and counter cult ministry alive.
When we started our information, apologetics and counter cult ministry over seven years ago, other than Catholic Answers, help in the 
apologetics area was hard to find. Virtually no one had a web site devoted to biblical and historical defense of the Catholic Faith. Parish
and diocesan help for Catholics involved with cults, like the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons, was virtually nonexistent. Catholic 
psychologists and family counselors were not well versed. I know all of this from personal experience. When my wife got recruited by the 
Witnesses neither my pastor or bishop would come to my aid. Surprising truth was, Catholics, like myself, could count on more help from 
Calvary Chapel, the "Fundamentalist" Christian Research Institute, or the Bible Answer Man than we could from our own Church.
When the powers-to-be in my Church failed to answer my cries for help, I was both disillusioned and devastated. I lost my Catholic wife 
to the Jehovah's Witnesses. My marriage and my four children were in peril. But rather than lose hope or abandon my Church for its shortcomings 
I decided to do something about it. I took a leap of Faith and gave up my vice president position and six figure income to establish Good Catholic 
Information. I wanted to prevent anyone else from suffering the loss and heartache I did. I wanted to be there for those suffering from the kind of 
desperation and hopelessness I had felt. I invested all the savings I had, and rather than beg for sustaining revenue, I planned to finance this 
pastoral ministry from the margins I could make from selling cutting-edge apologetics and counter-cult books to Catholic retailers like yourself.
Back then, now best-selling author, Patrick Madrid bought into my dream and recruited our apostolate as first distributor for his then fledgling 
Basilica Press---first title: Surprised by Truth. We grew as Basilica grew, suffered with them through all their growing pains and management changes, 
and was able offer more counter cult help as a result. With the addition of Did Adam and Eve Have Bellybuttons and Ascension Press, many of you 
became regular case customers. Our business and our ministry expanded as a result. While other distributors came and went, we were able to attract 
other publishers, establish services like a toll free order number, a comprehensive web site, and firsts like the first national Catholic retail store directory 
on the web. From the onset, our marketing emphasis was directed to Catholic retailers like yourselves. We didn't run direct-response, consumer-focused 
ads with bookstores as a footnote or afterthought. We took your concerns about publishers selling direct to heart. We believed with all heart there was a 
place for a 100% Catholic distributor. We felt it wasn't right to sell to you on Monday and against you on Wednesday.
We were sincerely hoping that all the time, money and sacrifice we invested would finally show some profit. That way we could expand and extend our 
help to even more people. But unfortunately our sales, especially over the past year, have dramatically declined We haven't heard from many of you, 
especially former case customers, in months, even though we continue to refer customers to your stores. Low sales volumes have not only made it tough 
to meet basic operating expenses, they've meant layoffs, cut backs on the help we can give our desperate Catholic brothers and sisters, and, even worse, 
they jeopardize our distributor status with publishers. Some have advised us to adopt non-profit status and actively solicit donations. Others counsel us to 
retain a credit card company and, like you, sell direct to consumers. We know what it's like to have to pass along the collection basket. We know how tough 
it is to make money on the slim margins you make on Catholic books. Still , we'd rather not solicit your customers for sales, then solicit you for donations 
two weeks later.
Any of you who has spent any time talking to us knows that we champion pure lines of distribution. We believe publishers should create books, build 
primary demand and sell to distributors. Distributors should sell to retailers, retailers to consumers. Co-op programs can provide incentives and help grease 
the wheels. But, when the lines are crossed (as they often are), and everybody sells to everybody, customers are confused, relationships become bitter and 
fragile, cooperation becomes self-seeking and an environment for resentment exists. Because no one specializes in anything, no one does anything well. 
What suffers most is the opportunity to expand into the mainstream and evangelize. As an industry we can only afford to preach to the choir. Year after year 
we're out-marketed on mainstream mass media by Protestants, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and new age religions. There are more non-practicing Catholics 
than any of the people in these groups. Sad truth is, most of their recruits are ex-Catholics.
Here, at Good Catholic Information, we give you the opportunity to access lots of titles-- all from one central source. We feature the complete line of titles 
from Basilica Press, Ascension, San Juan Catholic Seminars, Harmony Media, St. Andrew's Productions, Stampley, Catholic Replies Publications 
and the best apologetic sellers from Sophia, Catholic Answers, Ignatius, Queenship, Emmaus Road, Servant, Intervarsity Press and Random House. 
You don't have to call to or ship from New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Oregon, North Carolina, Colorado, California, Ohio, Michigan, Massachusetts, 
Illinois, New Mexico, Kansas City or Maryland. One call to us at Good Catholic Information does it all. You don't have to hassle with title minimums. You get 
standard bookstore discounts or better on everything. You get the benefit of shipping from a major market (plus drop ship benefits on case orders from any of 
the above if it's to your benefit.) You deal with a 100% Catholic Distributor (not a secular one that has a religious division.) You don't add to the profits of any 
company promoting anything not in line with the approved teachings of the Catholic Church. We inventory best sellers. We can order anything else for you from 
the publishers we represent. We'll drop ship case lots directly from printers or publishers when it's to your advantage. We'll match promotion prices whenever we 
can. We even pro-rate shipping to match publishers geographically closer if it means keeping your business.
Catholic publishers that sell direct to consumers, also sell titles from other publishers, and sell to you. Non-publishers that set up wholesale, retail and 
mini-distributor divisions sell to you. Brokers that act as fulfillment arms of small publishers sell to you. Secular distributors with "Christian" divisions sell you 
Catholic titles right alongside Protestant ones and handle homosexual and soft porn as well. So many hands are in so many pockets, it's hard to know where to 
extend yours. Pricing, shipping and handling structures are indiscriminate, inconsistent and confusing. You don't know where your money goes or what it's going 
for. In the wholesale web of Catholic marketing it's difficult to determine where loyalties lie and where you should put yours. We make it simpler. We, Good Catholic 
Information, are a "Marketing Distributor to the Catholic Retail Trade." You are our primary customer. We exist to serve you. When you buy good Catholic titles from us, 
you not only support the Catholic publishers we represent, you support a vital ministry to your brothers and sisters in Christ. Like parish script, you can feel good 
about your purchase dollars doing more. Your loyalty goes further than you can imagine.
When all is said and done, the choice of where to buy Catholic books is up to you.When making it, we pray you take stock in the difference we are and the 
difference you can make by choosing us at Good Catholic Information. We need your help to keep on helping. Believe or not, you don't have to write an extra check to do it.

Pax tecum,

Rick Sikorski,
Good Catholic Information
Marketing Distributor to the Catholic Retail Trade
1-949-495-2955 949-698-4997 (Magicjack)
1-949-495-8731 (fax orders)

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