What kind of Catholic are you?

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Michael Voris of RealCatholicTV may remind you of a Catholic Rush Limbaugh from syndicated radio

or Glen Beck from Fox TV, but his recent web cast raised a real red flag.


In his show called The Vortex, he called attention to a civil war between three factions

fighting for the soul of Catholicism.


First group he calls the "Liberal Progressive Modernists." These are the "provocators" out to accommodate

the modern world wherever possible. They're apt to reject traditional teachings and push for changes

like "women " priests.


Second group he calls "Traditional" or "Real" Catholics. They believe everything the Church teaches

right down to the "Real Presence" and the  infallibility of the Pope in matters of Faith and morals.


Third group he calls "The Vague and Ambivalent." These are what Voris  describes as contemporary,

Protestant-friendly and liturgically-abusive Catholics. They sound like traditionalists but lend a blind eye to sin

and corruption and agree on practices like Masses for homosexuals. According to Voris, this group puts

social concerns over spiritual ones. They are, by far, the majority and contain "every stripe of Catholic imaginable."

Raised in the Church since Vatican II they favor a new Catholicism.


His group labels may come off as a bit biased and harsh for some of us, but if you can see through the saracasm

Voris makes some valid points.


You can hear him for yourself by clicking here:


When you''re finished viewing the RealCatholicTV episode complete this survey that designates which of the three groups

you feel best describes you. (Don't worry, we're not taking names, Your anonymity is protected. Contact information

is not traced or transferred to any third parties.) If you didn't get the opportunity to check out the Voris webcast,

your responses to the attendant survey questions will help with categorization.


Be sure to have your Catholic friends and relatives take the survey as well.


I'll be sure to post the results in an upcoming article. It will be interesting to see how we Catholics here in Orange County

define ourselves. (You don't have to be from Orange County California to take it.)

 In case you missed the link above, you'll find the survey at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KKDPCKM



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