The mission of GOOD CATHOLIC INFORMATION is encapsulated in our logo. You can read it literally as good Catholic information, Catholic information or good Catholic in formation. (Three separate but related meanings, all within the same substance phrase, equal in priority, exemplifying the Triune God we honor.) We specialize in promoting media, whatever form they may take, that:

define the scriptural, historical and theological truth of Roman Catholicism;

deepen its knowledge, understanding and appreciation;

provide for its common defense; and

specifically help those challenged by anti-Catholic cults, sects, denominations or religions.

We also provide reliable, responsible, orthodox information about Roman Catholicism to non-Catholics.

Our primary target is not the "interested few" Catholics, our aim is to make the "many" interested. Since the Church is 98% laity and only 2% clergy and religious, we're devoted to waking up Catholic laity to their responsibility as part of Christ's True Church and Mystical Body. Hopefully we will build apologetic, catechismal and evangelical character in the process. In an era where Jehovah's Witnesses boast claim to the being the largest printer of religious literature in the world, Mormons orbit their own communication satellites, faith teachers command 24 hour cable broadcasting, Fundamentalists broadcast daily syndicated radio shows and Protestant bookstores out number their Catholic counterparts at least 10 to 1, GCI hopes to make Roman Catholicism more mass media competitive.

GCI's distribution division is the first of several divisions planned. We have national distributor agreements with Basilica Press, Ascension Press, Ignatius, Alba House, Ballantine (religious division), Catholic Replies Publcations, Queenship (select authors), InterVarsity Press, John Wiley & Sons, and San Juan Catholic Seminars, and are currently negotiating to become an official distributor for Catholic Answers published works.

Though the vast majority of our business is wholesale sales to religious bookstores, we have helped small presses like Basilica market direct to retail customers via public relations, direct mail, print advertising, and local marketing in areas where Catholic bookstore penetration is especially light. Whenever we do advertise directly to retail customers, we mention GCI bookstores in all relevant advertising, prompt prospects to visit them first, and respect retail price agreements as well as margins.

We are proud to have been chosen as the official representative for Envoy magazine to the Western and Southern United States as well as our current family of GCI customers.

There are hundreds of bookstores in the GCI family. They range from small religious goods shops like Gifts of the Spirit in Portland, Oregon to chains like Kaufer Co. and Pauline Book & Media. They can be found all over the continental United States and Canada. We even have members in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. (Check the retail directory feature in this site.)

GCI expansion plans include a publishing division (we already have one book in progress), personal counseling for family members and victims of cults (Jehovah's Witnesses, especially), plus advertising and marketing consultation.


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