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Though we can readily access merchandise from any of the publishers and producers you see listed on our mission page, we choose to inventory and promote works that advance and support Roman Catholicism's solid bibilical foundation and rich theological heritage. Apologetics is our "watchword" as well as our "catchword." (Apologetically sound laity don't have to apologize for not knowing their Faith, nor do they have to shrink back when it comes time to defend it.) As converts from Protestantism so often remind us, Roman Catholicism is as soundly biblical as it is sacramental. (The latter always founded in former.)

We don't take stock in the latest pamphlets about female ordination, nor do we stock material about reinstituting the obligatory Latin Mass. We're orthodox Roman Catholic. We support Papal Authority and the Teaching Magisterium of the Catholic Church. We trust the Holy Father would be proud to support any of the works we do. (In most cases, he has his own copy. We know, we have pictures of our authors presenting them.)

Thanks to our pioneering efforts behind Catholic best sellers Surpised by Truth and and Did Adam & Eve Have Bellybuttons?, their publishers, Basilica Press and Ascension Press have awarded us premier distributor status. We strive for the same track record with other new authors and presses.

GCI Policy

Here at Good Catholic Information, we have no minimum order requirements on any of our merchandise. (Customers who order 5 books are just as important to us as those who order five cases.) However, we do ask for a 5 book/$50 minimum order to give wholesale discounts. Standard bookstore discount in most cases is 40% off publisher quoted retail price. Cases lots are granted another 5%. (Yes, we need to ask for tax I.D.) All prices are US, payment must be made in US currency. Payment terms are 30 days from receipt of ordered merchandise. . (Prepayment is requested for new overseas customers.) Interest is charged on overdue balances. Unless otherwise indicated, orders under 6 units are sent US book rate or Priority Mail, orders over 6 units: UPS Ground. We never pass on the shipping charges we incur to gather our inventory, nor mark up for profit any costs incurred to deliver your wholesale orders. We don't charge for order handling labor either. We realize, like you do, that margins are tight enough in this business, and that shipping costs can cut into already slim profits. (Since we view GCI a ministry as much as a business, we'd hate to see you have to charge higher retail prices.).If our suppliers reward us with incentive or reward discounts, we pass them on as price promotions at every available opportunity. (So be sure to cehck for better than 40%.)Whenever we do advertising, GCI supplied bookstores in the market are listed. Loyal GCI customers also get the benefit of being listed on our website.(See GCI Retail Outlet Directory.)

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Remember, every dollar you spend with GCI helps support our counter cult and information ministry.

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100 ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS ON ANNULMENTS by Edward Peters, J.D., J.C.D. (ISBN-0-345-39123-5) Basilica Press 222pgs. 4 Color Special Process Hardback SALE PRICE: $19.99 (RETAIL LIST) (Wholesale: $11.99 / $10.99 @ 18)

Common sense answers to the most often asked questions about Catholic annulments written by a layman for lay people to understand. The annulment process is explained, as are the roles of tribunal officials and specific witnesses. Possible grounds are clarified. Helpful information is provided for those not seeking annulments but who might be involved. Dr. Peters upholds Our Lord's strong teaching on the holy institution of Marriage and demonstrates how the annulment process extends His mercy to those whose former marriages might have been sacramentally null. Fr. Peter Stravinskas recommends 100 Answers for all those involve in pastoral care . Bishop John. J. Meyers terms 100 Answers "an invaluable resource in this delicate area." A must reference.


CATHOLIC REPLIES By James Drummey. CR Publication Softback. (ISBN 0-964987-0-0 3) 3Color Cover 000 Pages $17.95 Retail (Wholesale : $10.77 / $9.87 @ 24)

Noted Catholic columnist James Drummey answers hundreds of the most frequently asked questions by Catholics and non- Catholics alike. He addresses the toughest moral and religious topics facing Catholics today, including abortion, birth control, celi- bacy, confession, the death penalty, eutha- nasia, heaven and hell, heresies, homo- sexuality, infallibility, Mary, the Mass, the New Age Movement, Nostrodamus pre- dictions, organ transplants, predestination, purgatory, salvation outside the Chruch, and women priests. Drummey's replies are clear, concise and characterized by careful research, solid documentation and sound pastoral advice. They contain hundreds of quotations from the Bible, Church documents and other reliable Catholic sources. A perfect com- panion to the Catholic Catechism.


MASS CONFUSION. The Do's and Don'ts of Catholic Worship by James Akin. ISBN 1-888992-05-0. Catholic Answers Softback. 4 Color Cover. 244 Pages. $15.95 Retil (Wholesale: $9.57/ $8.77 @ 36)

This Rock  editor James Akin examines Church Law concerning the proper way to celebrate Mass and answers commonly asked questions about what are and are not liturgical abuses. He distills his answers from a mountain of Church documents, explains them in a clear and concise manner and provides practical advice on how to deal with liturgical infractions. Particularly helpful is a comprehensive appendix which includes: The U.S. Bishops' Guidelines for Receiving Communion", 'The Holy See's Translation Norms," and an easy-to-use reference table of "Commonly Raised Issues." Now you can cut through Mass confusion, and help clarify the Church's well intenioned plan for personal involvement and geunine Mass appeal.


LITURGICAL QUESTION BOX. Answers to Common Questions About the Modern Liturgy. Msgr. Peter J. Elliott. (ISBN 0-89870-677-7) Ignatius Softback.  4 Color Cover 189 Pages. $12.95 Retail.  (Wholesale: $7.77)

Should we hold hands during the "Our Father"? Is liturgical dancing OK? Should the priest even say "Good Morning" at Mass? Msgr. Elliott responds to these and many other questions about the way Mass and the Sacraments are meant to be celebrated. Based largely on his "liturgical question box " column in Christ to The World, the author of Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite not only deals with broad issues but many of actions and fine details that make up Catholic worship. Technically accurate and based on experience and common pastoral sense, Liturgical Question Box is a reliable guide for pastors, seminarians, liturgical committees and perplexed laity who want to know what is appropriate for celebrating Liturgy. It's strong spiritual tone and confident approach make it a solid resource for anyone who wants to promote and defend the mystery, splendor and majesty of Catholic worship today.

CATHOLICISM & FUNDAMENTALISM by Karl Keating. ISBN 0-89870-177-5 Ignatius Softback.
2 Color Cover. 360 Pages. $13.95 Retail.
(Wholesale: $8.37 )

Catholic Answers' Director Karl Keating defends Catholicism from fundamentalist attacks and explains why fundamentalism has been so successful in converting "Romanists." He explains the origins of fundmentalism, examines anti-Catholic groups and presents their arguments in their own words. Keating's rebuttals are clear, detailed and charitible .Special emphasis is given to Scriptural emphasis for Catholic doctrines and beliefs. Final chapters give advice on what to do and what not to do for fruitful apologetics work. Catholicism and Fundamentalism bears the imprimatur of a Catholic Cardinal and the hearty recommendations of Catholic clergy, apologists and authors.


II. SOAP OPERA APOLOGETICS: Conversion stories that teach true faith

THE KING'S HIGHWAY by Kenneth Guidon. Ignatius Softback (ISBN 0-89870-581-9)4 Color Cover. 212 Pages. $11.95 Retail. (Wholesale: $7.17 )

The autobiographical tale of a 'cradle Catholic" who left the Church at an early age to join the Jehovah's Witnesses, the recounting of his 16 years within that cult and its inner workings, his 12 year "rebirth " as a Baptist minister, and his concluding spiritual journey back home to the Catholic Faith. Guindon relateds how he moved up the JW ranks to headquarter staffer and foreign missionary. He explains how the Watchtower effectively proselytizes for new recruits, how they train and control their members, and how they promulgate false teachings and promises. He uses this knowledge to teach us how to counter these methods and doctrines. He uses his knowledge to teach us how to counter these methods and doctrines. His story inspires the hope that many who have left can come home again.

ROME SWEET HOME by Kimberly and Scott Hahn. (ISBN 0-89870-478-2) Ignatius Softback. 4 Color Cover. 182 Pages. $10.95 Retail. (Wholesale: $6.57 )

This well known Catholic couple relates the incredible journey that led them to embrace Catholicism. Their conversion story and love for the Church have renewed the faith of thousands of lukewarm Catholics as well as influenced countless conversions. The Hahns' deep love of Christ and Scripture make this an inspiration for all readers. Kimberly's perspective makes this book particularly attractive to women.


CROSSING THE TIBER by Stephen Ray. Ignatius Softback. (ISBN 0-00000-000-0) $12.95 Retail. 4 Color Cover. 263 Pages. (Wholesale: $7.77 )

An exhilarating conversion story of a devout Baptist who over came the hostility to the Catholic Church by Scripture study and vast research into the writings of the early Church fathers. Ray convincingly lays out the issues that carried him, his wife and Evangelical pastor friend over the "uncrossable chasm" into the Catholic Church. He presents an extensive compilation of biblical and patristic commentary on Baptism and the Euchartst as well as a through analysis of Sola Scriptura and Tradition.


SURPRISED BY TRUTH by Patrick Madrid. ISBN 0-9642610-8-1 ($13.99 Retail.) Basilica Press Softback. 4 Color Cover. 270 Pages. (Wholesale: $8.39 )

Catholic author and Envoy  Magazine editor Patrick Madrid reveals the testimonies of 11 truth seeking converts. These stories of painful struggle and great personal sacrifice are packed with biblical, theological and historical proofs for Catholicism. Catholic readers find their faith renewed and themselves better equipped to share it. Non-Catholics get to see Roman Catholicism from a positive perspective. Forward by Scott Hahn. We affectionately refer to it as "soap opera" apologetics. Now a classic Catholic best seller.


BORN FUNDAMENTALIST BORN AGAIN CATHOLIC by David B. Currie (ISBN 0-8970-05869-X) Ignatius Softback 215 Pages 4 Color Cover $11.95 Retail (Wholesale: $7.17 )

Arguably one of the finest conversion stories written in modern times. Like a master cartographer, this graduate of Trinity Univer- sity and Evangelical School, traces the route to Rome with charity and precision. He dis- cusses in detail all the important doctrinal and theological beliefs Catholics and evangelicals hold in common, as well as those that separate us, particularly the Eucharist, the Pope and Mary. Every conceivable biblical, eccelesiogical, theological and historical topic is pursued. No stone is left unturned. Many Protestants never make the journey to the Catholic Church because no one bothers to show them the way. In this book Currie does." A must read."-S. Hahn.


JOURNEYS HOME. The Journeys of Protestant Clergy and Laity Coming Home to the Catholic Church & the Coming Home Network International, a Lay Ministry Committed to Helping Them. Marcus Grodi (ISBN 1-57918-001-9) Queenship Softback. 4 Color Cover. 316 Pages. $10.95 Retail. (Wholesale: $6.57)

Conversion stories of men and women, including ministers and missionaries, who had all discovered Christ in some branch of Protestantism, yet whose desire to follow Him faithfully and remain faithful to the truth He taught and the Church He established through His apostles, led them home to Rome. Many had viewed the Catholic Church as the "whore of Babylon" and the pope as the "antichrist. Yet, in uniquely differently ways, the Holy Spirit opened each of their hearts and taught them to listen to His voice of truth speaking through history, theology, tradition, Scripture and personal testimony. Part two tells the story of Coming Home Network International, a lay ministry dedicated to helping Protestant clergy and laity come home to the Catholic Church. Foreword by Scott and Kimberly Hahn.




REAL LOVE by Mary Beth Bonnaci
(ISBN 0898706130) Ignatius Softback. 4 Color Cover 317 Pages $12.95 Retail.
(Wholesale: $7.99 )

Every year this sensitive, insightful and inspiring author speaks about love, relationships and chastity to Catholic audiences across the country. And they speak back with real, specific, and often poignant questions about sex, dating, shattered relationships and love life struggles. Now for the first time, Mary Beth has compiled 225 of their very best questions, along with her answers, into a comprehensive, read-able guide for living. In Real Love, she tackles tough issues like premarital sex,contraception, homosexuality and pornography. She brings home the Church's teaching on marriage and human sexuality and gives practical advice for living them. She offers compassionate support for those who have stumbled. Through it all she demonstrates how living respect for God's gift of sexuality is the only way to real love. You won't find this kind of dialogue on Beverly Hills 902010 or Dawson's Creek.


DID ADAM & EVE HAVE BELLY- BUTTONS...And 199 Other Questions from Catholic Teenagers. Matthew J. Pinto. Foreword by Jeff Cavins. (ISBN 0-9659228-0-4) Ascension Press softback.  4 Color Cover. 270 pages. $11.99 Retail . (Wholesale: $7.19 )

This books belongs on every family bookshelf, in the hands of every youth group minister, and in the backpack of every Catholic son and daughter. Inquiring minds want to know. Did Adam & Eve offers inquiring Catholics, young and old alike, clear and concise answers to all kinds of questions about their faith. Topics range from artificial insemination and purgatory to women priests and Fundamentalism. All 200 questions come from the hearts and minds of teens from all over the US. Former youth minister and current editor of Envoy magazine, Matt Pinto, replies to each and every one with clear, theologically precise explanations teens can understand. In an age of confusion and uncertainty here's a clear Catholic guidebook.



 REFUTING THE ATTACK ON MARY. A Defense of Marian Doctrines. Father Mateo. Catholic Answers softback. ( SBN 1-888992-05-0) 4 Color Cover.100 Pages. $6.95 Retail. (Wholesale: $4.17)

In Refuting the Attackon Mary, Father Mateo shows us how to use Sacred Scripture and writings of the Early Church Fathers to justify all the questioned beliefs about our Blessed Mother. He points out the common errors of logic and fact committed by all too many prejudiced anti-Catholics. Common targets like Mary's perpetual virginity, Immaculate Conception, Assumption into heaven and Motherhood of God are all addressed. After one reading you'll not only learn to appreciate your Mother, you'll learn to teach how honoring her is giving honor and glory to her only Son. It's time we stood up for our Mother. With all she's done for us and all she continues to do, nobody deserves our intercession more than her.



How Can I Get to Heaven? The Bible's Teaching on Salvation Made Easy to Understand. Robert Sngenis.
(ISBN 1 5718-007-8.) Queenship softback. 4 Color Cover. 334 Pgs.
$12.95 Retail.  (Wholesale: $7.77)
What took thousands of churches hundreds of years to confound and complicate, Bob Sungenis simplifies in one easy-to-read and understand book. Justification as on-going process...the role of faith and works...Christ's redemptive work...the conditions of salva- tion...purgatory as final cleansing... heaven as final reward...what Scripture really teaches about it all is all here. Each of the book's nine chapters is divided into bite-size pieces by thought-provoking headlines, then thought- fully recapped with points of summary.
Sungenis makes it clear that salvation is more than just accepting Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. Ken Howell calls How Can I Get to Heaven?  " the most significant contribution to ecumenical relations in a long time." IMPRIMATUR: Msgr.W. Francis Malooly, Archdiocese of Baltimore


HOW TO WIN AN ARGUMENT by Michael A. Gilbert. ISBN 0-471-12349-8 ($14.95 Retail.) Wiley Softback. 4 Color Cover. 194 Pages. (Wholesale: $8.97 )

This handbook gives Catholics the basics they need to sharpen their skills as apologists. In everyday language, Gilbert explains the psy- chology and mechanics of argumentation. He details the kinds of questions and answers that are most effective (as well as the ones that aren't). How To Win An Argument presents practical strategies for identifying and avoiding the traps opponents set. It helps teach sure fire techniques for advancing a point. Besides being entertaining, this easy-to-follow book is packed with sample dialogues and fallacious arguments. Not being able to argue well hinders Catholics who wants to explain and defend their Faith. This can be over- come with a few enjoyable hours with How To Win An Argument. Publishers Weekly terms it "insightful, instructive and enjoyable to read." A "personal pick" of Envoy magazine editor Patrick Madrid.



HANDBOOK OF CHRISTIAN APOLOGETICS by Peter Kreeft and Ronald K. Tacelli  ISBN 0-8308-1774-3 InterVarsityPress Softback. 4 Color Cover. 406 Pages. $17.99 Retail. (Wholesale: $10.79 )

In this one book, these two top Catholic apologists summarize all the major arguments for all the major Christian teachings challenged by unbelievers today- such as the existence of God, the immortality of the soul, heaven and hell, eternal salvation, trustworthiness of Scripture and the divinity and resurrection of Christ. This ecumenical masterpiece provides hundreds of answers to crucial questions as well as compelling refutations to anti-Christian challenges. Where most books on apologetics are meant to be read beginning to end, this is meant to be used as a reference or handbook. These Boston College professors have taken the traditional ÒsummaÓ format of Thomas Aquinas and made it relevant today. A 1995 Christianity Today award winner, this book marks Catholic leadership in the hope to one day unite all Christian denominations.



BEGINNING APOLOGETICS 2.5. Yes! You Should Believe in the Trinity. Fr. Frank Chacon & Jim Burnham (No ISBN) San Juan Catholic Seminars booklet. $2.99 Retail. (Wholesale: $1.79)
In their classic bookletShould You Believe in the Trinity?, Jehovah's Witnesses cleverly present the Trinity as an apostate doctrine, unfounded in the Bible, resulting from pagan influences on Chrstianity. Though many Protestants have published official response to that document,Beginning Apologetics 2.5 is the first from Catholic authors. In well chosen, easy-to-understand language, Fr. Frank Chacon and Jim Burnham expose faulty JW reasoning, their misuse of Church Fathers and misinterpretation of Sacred Scripture. Like with BA I &II, reading it will strengthen the foundations of your Catholic faith and show you how to confidently answer the many JW objections to this most central Christian doctrine. Jehovah's Witnesses boast more recruits from Roman Catholicism that any other Christian denomination. Help change that statistic. Published with ecclessiastical approval.

CATHOLIC FOR A REASON Edited By Dr. Scott Hahn & Leon J. Supprenant. (ISBN 09663223-0-4) Emmaus Road Softback. 315 Pgs. 4 Color Cover  $15.95 Retail (Wholesale: $9.57 )

12 of today's top Catholic authors, apologists and theologians come together to answer common objections and challenges to the teachings and doctrines of the Catholic Church. Each goes to the heart of his or her chapter topic, be it Mary, the Eucharist, Baptism, or Purgatory, and presents the teachings of the Church in the context of the "big picture": Our Heavenly Father's loving plan to save us. As Archbishop Chaput puts it, "Catholic for a Reason has all the marks of an apologetics classic: conciliatory in tone, rooted in Scripture, very readable in presentation and persuasive in its explanation. Or to put it another way, it reaches both the head and heart."


A FATHER WHO KEEPS HIS PROMISES by Scott Hahn (ISBN 092838299) Charis Softback. 4 Color Cover. 300 Pages. $13.99 Retail (Wholesale: $8.39 )

This popular apologist explores the "covenant love" God reveals to us through the Scriptures, and explains how God patiently reaches out to us-despite our faults and short comings-to restore us into relationship with his divine Family. He follows the high adventure of God's plan for the ages, beginning with Adam and Eve and continuing through the generations to the coming of Christ and the birth of the Church. He helps us see the big picture of salvation history and how the many stories of the Bible make up its main plot. But more importantly Hahn helps us realize that the patient love of the Father revealed in the Bible is the same persistent love He has for all of us today.

WHAT CATHOLICS REALLY BELIEVE by Karl Keating (ISBN 0898070533) Ignatius Softback 4 Color Cover 000 Pages. $9.95 Retail
(Wholesale $5.97 )

With erudition, wit and charm, popular apologist and best selling author Karl Keating addresses fifty two of the most common misconceptions of the Roman Catholic Faith. Drawing upon Scripture and Catholic tradition, he points out the logical errors and clearly explains Catholic teaching and rationale behind the frequently misunderstood doctrines and practices. "He deals with each question crisply and clearly. Readers can await the last trump with equanimity." (Ralph McInerny.) An excellent guide to what Catholics really  believe and why. Highly recommended by Cardinal John O'Connor.

(ISBN 0898705888) Ignatius Softback
000 Pages 4 Color Cover $9.95 Retail
(Wholesale: $5.97 )

The well known editor of The Catholic Answer magazine sheds new light on Catholic Bible study by writing with candor, clarity and scriptural backing. His well planned and straightforward text is clearly outlined to make information easy-to-find and understand. Main topics include the Catholic understanding of the Bible, God's Word and its purpose in the Church, biblical theology of the Mass and the place of the Bible in the Sacred Liturgy. It includes a comprehensive "question-and-answer"section that deals with pertinent and popular inquiries made by Catholics and non-Catholics alike. A significant scriptural study guide, published from a Catholic perspective and particularly keyed to the new Catechism of the Catholic Church. Ideal for high schools and RCIA.


ANY FRIEND OF GOD'S IS A FRIEND OF MINE by Patrick Madrid. (ISBN 0-9642610-9-X ) $9 99 Retail. Basilica Press Softback. 4 Color Cover. 123 Pages. (Wholesale: $5.99 / $5.49 @ 88)

Author/editor of the Catholic best seller Surprised by Truth explains in a clear and easy-to-follow style why Catholics pray to Mary and the saints. Madrid makes solid apologetic reference to both the Bible and early Church fathers and shows how anti-Catholic arguments are themselves unbiblical. The best ever explanation of the Catholic doctrine of the Communion of Saints written for a popular audience. A perfect gift for Catholics and non-Catholics alike.


WHAT STILL DIVIDES US: A Catholic-Protestant Debate on Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide($49.99 Retail) Basilica Press. 2 Color Cover. 8 cassette audio album. (Wholesale: $29.99 / $27.49 @ 20)

Patrick Madrid teams up with leading Catholic apologists Robert Sugenis (Surprised by Truth) and William Marshner to challenge their leading Protestant counterparts on the central issues of the Reformation: Sola Scriptura as the sole basis of all religious truth, and Sola Fide (justification for salvation by faith alone.) This historic debate took place on March 3 & 4, 1995 at Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena, California before a group of 1500, most of them Evangelical Protestant. These spellbinding tapes are filled with fact, sincerity, intelligence and humor. You'll never hear more succinct Biblical and historical arguments for Sacred Tradition or the importance of works for justification of salvation.


V. Theology for Laymen


THE HIDDEN MANNA. A Theology of The Eucharist. by Reverend James T. O'Connor (ISBN 0-89870-255-9)
Ignatius Softback 376 Pgs. 3 Color Cover $17.95 Retail
(Wholesale: $10.77 )

The best popular, comprehensive study on the mystery of the Eucharist. Seminary professor Fr. O'Connor provides a tour de force of the biblical and patristic evidence for the Eucharist. More than just a collection of data, The Hidden Manna deftly narrates the development of the doctrine across from apostolic times to the present.) The section explaining early Eucharistic heresies and those of the Protestant Reformers is especially good. As reader, who wants a rich understanding of the Eucharist, for the teacher or student of theology, for the preacher who is always seeking deeper insight to share, The Hidden Manna is a superb work."

  THEOLOGY AND SANITY by Frank Sheed. (ISBN 0 - 898704707 ) Ignatius Softback 000 Pages. 4 Color Cover. $17.95 Retail (Wholesale: $10.77 )

Sheed was this century's greatest Catholic apologist and this is his greatest book. Drawing from his fifty years of street corner preaching as well as a long career as author, lecture and publisher. Sheed understands and communicates better than anyone the importance of theology to living sanely in today's world. Logic, clarity and simplicity permeate this eminently readable book. Sheed delivers a luminous explanation of everything from the sacraments to the mission of the Church. "It includes the clearest explanation of the Trinity ever put on paper. It proves that only the Catholic view of reality can satisfy our mental hunger" (Karl Keating.)


VI. Living the good life



SEXUAL WISDOM. A Guide for Parents, Young Adults, Educators and Physicians by Richard Wetzel M.D.  ISBN 1-88272792-59-2. Proctor Publications. 4 Color Cover. 338 Pages. $12.95 Retail. (Wholesale: $7.77)
The sexual revolution promised to give people greater freedom and joy in their sex lives. What it's delivered is record levels of sexually transmitted diseases, the legitimization and spread of pornography, greater hostility between the sexes and critically high divorce rates. In this book Dr. Wetzel offers unique insights into the 17 most important misconceptions about sexuality. (All of it backed by solid, documented research.) He concludes with a discussion on classroom sex education and offers parents a wealth of practical advice on how to encourage healthy attitudes toward sex among their children Called a "veritable handbook of sexual morality" and "guidebook for concerned parents", Sexual Wisdom has been endorsed by Cardinal O'Connor , Fr. Peter Stravinskas, Peter Kreeft and a multitude of other Catholic clergy and authors. All of us might do well to learn its facts of life.

THE GLORY TO BE REVEALED IN YOU by Kristin West McGuire. ISBN 0-88189-0721-5 ($8.95 Retail.) Alba House Softback. 4 Color Cover. 140 Pages. (Wholesale: $5.37 )

With beautiful reference to Scripture and spiritual writings, McGuire reflects on pregnancy as the advent of new life in the Spirit. Her format is a nine month novena. This book is neither pious nor flowery, but unique, practical, focused and relevant to the spiritual, emotional and physical feelings shared by those bearing children. It's written by a woman of faith who has endured leg cramps, mood swings and stretch marks along with all the joy and trials of co-creating and raising four beautiful chlidren. Her empathy makes friends out of everyone who reads this gift of living faith. The Glory To Be Revealed In You is perfect for family members, friends, neighbors and crisis pregnancy or community maternity centers. It's endorsed by Cardinal O'Connor, Catholic editors and the Secretariat for Pro-life Actrivities. In a world obsesssed with personal control over birth and death, McGuire helps mothers-to-be appreciate their privileged role in creation.


ON BEING CATHOLIC by Thomas Howard. Ignatius Softback. (ISBN 089870684) $12.95 Retail. 4 Color Cover. 263 Pages. (Wholesale $7.77)

In his first full length book since converting to Roman Catholicism, Thomas Howard presents his wonderful, refreshing insights on the glad tidings of Catholic piety, dogma, spirituality, vision and practice. The book's chapters take the form of lay meditations on Catholic teaching and practice, opening up in practical and simple terms the richness at work in virtually every detail of Catholic prayer, liturgy and particulalry the Mass. "This book probes many of the questions that arise in the contemporary mind about this ancient and august body, the Catholic Church. The tone is unremittingly positive and irenic" (Cardinal Bernard Law.) "An apologetic and literary gem" (Scott Hahn.)

RELATIVISM AS RELIGION. Tracing Its Historical Roots to the Modern Day Crisis by Roger LeBlanc. Foreword by Malachi Martin.  ISBN 0-536-01360-8 Simon & Schuster Softback. 4 Color Coverr. 000 Pages. Autographed.
$12.95 Retail. (Wholesale: $7.77)

In this classic work, Roger LeBlanc flags the dangers of relativistic thinking and explains how this unfortunate reality is undermining Christianity and society. Using Sacred Scripture and testimony of Church Fathers he reminds us how God intended things to be and proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that here can be only one true rule of Faith. In the process this Pontifical certified catechist resurrects a God founded credibility for the Papacy that should never have been buried in the first place. As Father George Rutler puts it, "LeBlanc gives straightforward advice on how the sickness of relativism can be cured by Christ the Good Physician."



Catholic Parents Internet Guide by Maria Compton-Hernandez. B&W Cover. 44 Pgs. (ISBN 189i903136). St. Andrew's Prod. softback $4.95 Retail. (Wholesale: $2.97)
Nobody's better qualified to pen this practical masterpiece than Maria Compton- Hernandez, best-selling author of The Catholic Mother's Resource Guide, editor of Totally Catholic E-Zine , and owner of her own successful internet business. In this latest work Maria teaches Catholic parents everything they need to become expert drivers of the information superhighway. The full gamut of cyber topics is covered: how to gain internet access, use e-mail, mailing lists and discussion groups to creating and publishing a personal web page. Readers will become well-versed in all the latest cyber lingo. They'll learn how to help their kids with school research, blockout junk, access free software, even tap into all the apologetic and spiritual resources available for all of you who care to look. Catholic Parents Internet Guide is just as valuable to novices as it is to those with a firm grip on cyberspace reality.

VI. advanced apologetics


by Scott Butler, Norman Dahlgren and David Hess. ISBN 1-882972-54-6 ($14.95 Retail.) Queenship Softback. 4 Color Cover. 376 Pages.
(Wholesale $8.97)

Deeply rooted in Scripture, this newest inductee to the Catholic Best Seller List addresses an area of faith that still divides many Christians: the role of the Papacy. Its authors bring together biblical evidence and historical data from Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox sources to give readers of all faiths a clear understanding of St. Peter and his successors. They present their case in terms both scholars and lay people can enjoy. Endorsed by top Catholic authors like Scott Hahn, Fr. Mitchell Pacwa and Fr. Peter Stravinskas, Jesus Peter & The Keys has won acclaim from prominent Lutheran, Episcopal, Baptist and Orthodox theologians and scholars. (Two converted after reading the manuscript. ) It's the first book that proves, without a doubt, that the Papacy was designed by Jesus and is being carried out as He intended.


NOT BY FAITH ALONE . Biblical Evidence for the Catholic Doctrine of Justification. Bob Sungenis. Foreword by S. Hahn. Epilogue by Fr. Peter Stravinskas (ISBN 1-57918-008-6) Queenship softback. 4 Color Cover. 774 pages .$24.95 Retail (Wholesale: $14.97)

For centuries Protestants have branded Catholic teaching on justification as unfounded and unbiblical. Not by Faith Alone not only sets the record straight, it shatters the very foundations of the sola fide argument in the process. In this "monumental" and "revolutionary" masterpiece, former anti-Catholic and Westminster Theological seminary graduate, Robert Sungenis, makes meticulous use of Scripture and primary writings of Protestant greats to expose the weaknesses , problems and inconsistencies of the sola fide position. With relentlesss precision he demonstrates how it can not withstand careful biblical, linguistic , historical and theological analysis. Sungenis leaves nothing to chance, no stone unturned. The pillar argument for Protestantism doesn't have a prayer.


NOT BY SCRIPTURE ALONE. A Catholic Critique of the Protestant Doctrine of Sola Scriptura. Bob Sungenis et al. Foreword by Peter Kreeft. (ISBN 1-57918-055-8) Queenship Softback 4 Color Cover. 629 Pages. $19.95 Retail (Wholesale: $11.97)

Its roster of contributors reads like a "who's who "list of major Catholic apologists, authors and theologians: Peter Kreeft, Philip Blosser, Robert Fastiggi, Joseph Gallegos, Patrick Madrid, Rev. Mitchell Pacwa, Mark Shea and Very Rev. Peter Stravinskas. Together with lead Robert Sungenis they understand how Sola Scriptura remains the key barrier between Catholics and Protestants. Together they realize that truth is the only real basis for reunion. Individually they pen masterpiece cases for the refutation of the Protestant position and proof that Sacred Tradition and Church Authority are just as important to God's plan for our salvation. Kreeft calls Not by Scripture Alone " the single most important treatment of this central issue." Not by Scripture Alone sets the biblical and historical record straight. Against it the pillar argument for Protestantism can't hold holy water.


TRADITION & TRADITIONS . The Biblical, Historical & Theological Evidence for Catholic Teaching on Tradition. Cardinal Yves Congar. Foreword by Patrick Madrid. (ISBN 0-536-00173-1) Basilica Press Special Process Hardback 4 Color Cover. 536Pages $49.99 Retail (Wholesale: $29.99 / $27.49 @ 20)

Most evangelical Protestants reject Catholic teaching on Tradition as human invention, alien to Scripture and incom-patible with the "pure gospel." Most Catholics venerate it as authoritative and binding, but are hazy about its definition and unable to provide concrete examples. In this widely heralded international classic, Congar synthesizes Scriptural, theological and patristic evidence for the Tradition doctrine into a single, cohesive, narrative that clarifies Catholic teaching and answers, once and for all, the various Protestant objections. With scholarly rigor and a gift for simplication, Congar demonstrates how the "full gospel" has been transmitted since ancient times through both Scripture and Tradition. Protestant arguments are shaken to their very foundations. Readers are inspired to value this doctrine as one of the deepest mysteries of Christian Faith. Used copies of the original edition go for $42.00 or more. "One of the most influential books I've ever read"- Scott Hahn


VII. The last word on end times


IS JESUS COMING SOON?A Catholic Perspective on the Second Coming .Ralph Martin. (ISBN 0-89870-635-1)Ignatius Softback. 4 Color Cover. 178 Pages. $11.95 Retail. (Wholesale $7.17)

Catholic author and head of Renewal Ministries, Ralph Martin, provides urgently needed Catholic perspective on an important topic so little preached and taught in Catholic life today. Based on solid scriptural and theological studies, he treats the fascinating questions about Our Lord's return in an easy- to-read and inspiring manner-all within the context of the basic gospel message. With millennial and eschatological speculation increasing, it is important that Catholics be well grounded in what Scripture and the Church teach. Martin makes it abundantly clear that the truths about Our Lord's return and the last things are intended to radically impact our daily life and help us live in the joy, freedom and love of the Holy Spirit.

TRIAL, TRIBULATION & TRIUMPH. Before, During & After Antichrist
by Desmond A. Birch. (ISBN 1-882972-73-2) Queenship Softback 4 Color Cover. 635 Pages. $19.50 Retail (Wholesale $11.70)
As we head into a new millennium, there is much talk about the Antichrist, the Second Coming of Christ, the great Chastisement and the even the end of the world. In this encyclopedic work. Desmond Birch sifts out the legitimate, credible prophesies from the false and widely scattered body of teachings.
He builds his case on sacred scripture and only those revelations that have been approved by the Church. Of special significance are those prophetic writings passed down from the Fathers of the Church and preserved deep in the Vatican library. Recommended by bishops, priests and theologians alike, Desmond Birch has created nothing short of a masterpiece. 23 years in the making, Trial, Triumph and Tribulation will soon become the authority on how we view "The End Times. "





MISSION OF THE MESSIAH. On the Gospel of Luke by Tim Gray
ISBN 0-9663223-1-2) Emmaus Road Softback. 4 Color Cover 152 Pages. $9.95 Retail. (Wholesale: $5.97)
Catholic for a Reason  co-author and Scott Hahn protege Tim Gray makes Luke come alive in this compelling new Catholic bible study from Emmaus Road. Like no one before, Gray presents the messianic mission of Jesus as the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy. "His work is both enlightening and provocative and clearly presented in a biblically insightful manner." (Bishop Robert Carlson.) Review questions at the end of each chapter provide fresh material for individual reflection or group discussion. A must for eveyone whose heart is burning to know and love Chirst more prodoundly. Here's a good way to get a cool hand on Luke. It's proof Catholics really do study the bible. Imprimatur: Bishop Gilbert Sheldon, Diocese of Steubenville.

THE IGNATIUS BIBLE. RSV -Catholic Edition. ISBN 0-89870-491-X. Ignatius Softback . 4 Color Cover. 250 Pages. $19.95 Retail. (Wholesale: $11.97)

The only major modern translation of the Catholic Bible available in standard English. All other major translations have been revised to conform to feminist demands for "inclusive language" which Rome rejected in in the new Catechism. Acclaimed for decades as the clearest, most accurate and most beautiful modern translation of the Bible in English. "This edition is the best overall translation for personal reading and serious study. It deserves the widest possible circulation."-Scott Hahn.

INSIDE THE BIBLE. A Guide to Understanding Each Book of the Bible. Fr.. Kenneth Baker, S.J.ISBN 0-89870-665-3
Ignatius Softback. 4 ColorCover. 373 Pages. $14..95 Retail (Wholesale: $8.97)

Fr.. Baker designed Inside the Bible to help readers grow in the knowledge and love of God's Word. Each of his popular introductions to all 73 books include time frame, author, theme and summary of contents plus valuable comments about the context in which the book was written, the theology of the particular book, an outline and a prayer taken from the book itself. Now readers can have thumbnail summaries of each book of the Bible at their fingertips as well as quick access to essential information. "Many Catholics revere the Bible but find themselves paralyzed, not knowing where to start. Father Baker guides new readers over the threshold and shows them how to move forward on their own."(Karl Keating.) Advanced readers now have a way to refresh their memory of a particular book.

IX. Counter cult specialties


BEGINNING APOLOGETICS I & II. How to Explain & Defend the Catholic Faith. How to Answer Jehovah's Witnesses & Mormons. Fr. Frank Chacon & Jim Burnham . (No ISBN. )San Juan Catholic Seminars booklets.$9.00 Retail for both (Wholesale: $5.40 )

Vatican II exhorted laity to do their part to explain and defend their Catholic Faith. Beginning Apologetics I & II prove that Fr. Chacon and Jim Burnham took the challenge seriously. Vol. I employs solid evidence from Sacred Scripture and the early Church Fathers to explain the most commonly misunderstood Catholic beliefs. (Its 14 point "Beginner's Guide to Apologetics" provides practical advice and strategic focus.) Vol. II helps Catholics identify and charitably refute the foundation doctrines of Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons. Its common-sense, step-by-step approach helps readers concentrate on main beliefs without getting bogged down in side issues. Both books are easy-to-read and understand. (No masters in theology or dictionary of apologetic terms needed.) One reading strengthens the foundations of Catholic Faith and provides confidence to weather the most pointed attacks.


X. RevelaTIONS



THE FATIMA PROPHECIES at the door step of the world! Dr. Thomas W. Petrisko. Preface by Fr. Rene Laurentin.
ISBN 1891903063 . 3 Color Cover. 456 Pages. St. Andrew's Productions.
$14.95 Retail.  (Wholesale: $8.97)
It wasn't just at Fatima and Lourdes. Our Mother has come to speak to us hundreds of times throughout the centuries. Since 1981 alone reports have come from every major continent of the face of the earth. Each time her underlying message is the same. In The Fatima Prophecies, Dr. Petrisko not only examines all the documented contact Mary has made , he explains how the most recent point to the fulfillment of Fatima's remaining prophecies (the annihilation of nations and coming era of Peace), and reminds us that our last best hope for deliverance lies in devotion to prayer and sacrifice. No other book on Marian phenomena has received this kind of endorsement from both Catholic clergy and laymen.

XI. especially for children



Children's Catechism on CD-ROM. Book One: Life of Jesus Christ.
ISBN 1-890906-07-7. Multi-Media. Harmony Media. $29.95 Retail.
First of 8 interactive CDs that help the Catehchism of the Catholic Church come alive for children of all ages. Complete with character voices, sound effects and narration by famous Catholic dramatist Leonardo DeFlippis, this edition takes kids on a memorable journey into the life and times of Jeus Christ. Episodes from His birth to His Transfiguration are covered. Includes:
--Scriptural Texts
--Animated Illustrations
--Quizzes and Tests
--Teacher Section Included
--Windows/Macintosh Compatible
This CD deserves its rightful place along side our children's Jump Start Reading or Math Blaster  programs. It will do more for their immortal souls thanZelda  or Super Mario.




Jesus 2000. A Walk with Jesus in the Holy Land. ISBN 965-708203-X.
Kirschner Enterprises Special Process Hardback. Introductory Retail: $40.00 (Sug. List: $49.99) (Wholesale: $24.00)

New Testament verses come alive in this stunning graphic pilgrimage that captures the spirit of all the historic places Jesus lived and visited. Each book is truly a collector's edition, with elegant binding and coated pages. Even His Holiness was impressed.
--10" x14" Special Process Hardback
-Hundreds of vibrant color photos
--Presents the holy sites connected with Jesus' life at the peak of their religious significance
--New archeological findings reported
--Accompanying New Testament verses and individual site explanations
--Endorsed by the Library of Congress
--As seen on EWTN
J2K Jewelry Available

ENVOY MAGAZINE. New best selling Journal of Catholic Apologetics & Evangelization. 4 Color Cover /Graphics . Published bi-monthly. Suggested Retail Price $5.95-$4.95.

Created by the people behind the best seller Surprised by Truth, Envoy was designed by Addy Award winners to look and read like the popular consumer magazines that capture and adorn our coffee tables. Each issue is fresh, upbeat and full of regular features from today's top Catholic apologists, evangelists and writers. Curtis Martin, President of Catholics United for the Faith heralds Envoy as the "higher standard of Catholic magazine."Archbishop Foley, President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications not only finds Envoy "excellent", but truly believes "it should help Catholics develop deeper appreciation of their Faith as well as help them share it more effectively." Bulk subscription discounts available for parishes and bookstores.

X. Coming Soon...


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